StatAPult GAA Version 3.2 now available from the App Store!

StatAPult GAA version 3.2 is now available from the App Store.

This version is tailored around allowing the users to enter more detailed data about the opposition. Using this version you can now enter Opposition Names instead of numbers for display in post game reports. Some changes have been made to the name changes for the Home team also to update all tables after a name change is used.

The following items are included in this update:
(1) Home Team player name change now changes Shot,Puckout and Zonal Data reports.
(2) Opposition player names can be entered for reports. See Note below.
(3) Opposition Player names entered previously will be used onwards in game. See Note below.

NOTE:- Please note that adding opposition player names is only applicable when a opposition stat (i.e. – Shot or Puckout Won) has been assigned against this player. Adding the name for players that do not currently have any stats assigned will not have any effect.

If you have any queries or comments please don’t hestitate to contact me –

Click here for Stat-A-Pult GAA in the App Store


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