Welcome to Stat-A-Pult GAA – The iOS app to allow you to track the key performance indicators (KPI) of your GAA team. The app has been created in conjunction with top inter-county performance analysts. The key features of the app are:
Intuitive user interface.

  • 10 Preset KPI’s included in App.
  • 10 User configurable KPI’s to allow you to track specific items during the game.
  • Shots charts for home and away team broken down by Shots from Play and From Frees. (Broken down into 1 of 15 zones across pitch)
  • Puckout/Kickout charts for home and away teams. (Broken down into 1 of 15 zones across pitch)
  • Save any number of squads to allow for use in games – Ability to delete squads also exists.
  • Save any number of games to allow for review of game stats at any time –
  • Ability to deleted games also exists.
  • Configurable game settings:
    • Minutes per half – Allows for use with all age groups.
    • Setup of user-defined statistics – Configurable text for each user-defined stat.
    • Selection of active statistics for each game – Active KPI’s to be used are configurable by each game allowing you to track different aspects in different games or with different teams.
    • Jersey colour for home team.
  • After the game all stats can be exported and emailed. The game summary documents consist of:
    • All stats by player by half in CSV (Excel) format.
    • Scoring summary/order for game in CSV (Excel) format.
    • Shot and PO summary’s in PDF format.
    • Game summary showing all total statistics, top performers by each stat, puckout win/loss ratio, score efficiency, scoring summary by player and opposition scoring efficiency.

Click here for Stat-A-Pult GAA in the App Store

Take some time to review the StatAPult GAA Overview video below!


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