StatAPult GAA Version 3.0 now available from the App Store!

StatAPult GAA Version 3.0 is now available for download. All existing users will receive this and all further updates free of cost

The changes included in this new version of StatAPult include:

  • Puckout outcomes are now broken down further into Clean Catches and Breaking Balls for each team.
  • Updates for the Shot Zone Data on-screen and in end of game report to include specific shot outcomes for each zone.
  • Updates for the Puckout Zone Data on-screen and in end of game report to include specific puckout outcomes for each zone.
  • Location based for on-pitch tracking for any KPI – An additional screen has been added to the settings screen to allow you to turn on or off Location based data for any of the KPI’s. They can then be viewed in the Zonal Data screen and are included in the Post Game charts.
  • PDF report can be viewed from within the app as the game is running. Each time you select the new Game summary button from the Shot Overview screen it generates the PDF Game Overview document and it can be viewed on-screen.
  • Additional opposition data for shots. When you select an opposition shot you can then enter the number of the opposition player that took the shot and this shot data is available from the PDF Game Overview document.
  • Additional data on Puckout winners for both Home and Opposition – When you select the outcome of the puckout you can now select the player number that won the puckout. This data is available in the Game Overview document. This can be done for both Home and Opposition.

Please view the video below which demonstrates the new updates!

Click here for Stat-A-Pult GAA in the App Store

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