The following testimonials have been given by users of Stat-A-Pult Software apps:

“Stat-A-Pult GAA is an amazingly easy to use App. I have used it at all levels. I love they way it is fully customizable which I used to its full capability.

I would highly recommend this app for anyone interested in stats and the immediate feedback option is not only helpful to coaches but allows the player get feedback on any stat in real time.

Stat-A-Pult GAA provides top class feedback to teams of all levels for a great price”

– Jenny Coady, Lead Performance Analyst , London Senior Football 2015, Dublin Senior Hurling Team 2012-2014, Wexford Senior Hurling Team 2011-2012.

“Stat-A-Pult gave us the opportunity to review both team and individual performances on a minute by minute basis during each game this season. As a coach, you are constantly seeking ways to gain an advantage over the opposition. Stat-A-Pult makes it possible.

Through in-depth analysis from previous games we knew exactly what was needed to deliver on the big day .Thankfully the team won by the narrowest of margins and were crowned county champions. The team firmly believe that Stat-A-Pult gave them an edge over opponents throughout the year. We now look forward to future success in partnership with Stat-A-Pult”

– Jamie Power, Manager , De La Salle Under 16 Hurling Team, Eastern and Waterford County Champions 2014.

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